Where are all the workers? Kettering University talks about the advantages / disadvantages of automation, artificial intelligence

FLINT, Mich. (WJRT) – Where are all the workers? For several months, it appears that industries across a number of sectors are facing massive labor shortages as a result of the pandemic.

Some experts believe that labor shortages and supply chain problems can last for several years.

That begs the question, – are there other options to help fill that labor shortage?

Dr. Scott Grasman is Head of Industrial and Production Engineering at Kettering University. He said it really depends on what type of industry is at hand.

Automation has been an integral part of large-scale production for decades.

“It used to be cost-effective for large production facilities, but it’s much more cost-effective for smaller companies to do it now. They can not only get labor, but labor is more expensive, so that makes automation systems much more cost-effective,” he said.

But for those at home who think this is the beginning of the end of human or manual labor, Grasman says, don’t worry.

Why? Because automation and artificial intelligence are only as smart as the people who have to program it and maintain it.

Perfect example that Roomba at home, Users need to turn it on and sometimes it needs a little help.

Or Dominos is testing an autonomous pizza delivery service in Houston, Texas earlier this year.

Dr. Grasman also said that artificial intelligence and automation are typically used in conjunction with manual human work for efficiency purposes.

Not to forget the simple element of the human touch when it comes to birth.

“If there’s a particular skill or judgment that humans have to make, artificial intelligence and automation get better – but it’s still not as good as human decision making in most cases,” Garsman said.

The Mckinsey Global Institute estimates that by 2030, a quarter of U.S. jobs will be replaced by automation.

However, the development of automation expansion has been slowed down here in the US due to lack of technical resources to implement it.

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