William Tyrrell search: police drain the creek and find a light blue piece of fabric | Australian Police and Police

Police have combed the bushland, drained a stream and excluded a concrete slab from investigations on the fifth day of a renewed search for the remains of the missing three-year-old William Tyrrell.

Officers searched an area of ​​bush a mile from where the boy disappeared in Kendall on the central north coast, dug up soil and drained a shallow river for water Friday morning.

A piece of light blue fabric was collected from the creek as potentially relevant evidence.

Police photographed the spot where the cloth, which was about 8 inches long, was found and placed it in a brown evidence bag. It will now be taken to a laboratory in Sydney for forensic testing.

Its significance for the investigation is unclear.

On Wednesday, police also found a thread of fabric that was red and initially compared to the Spider-Man costume William was wearing when he disappeared from his foster grandmother’s home in Kendall in 2014.

It is understood that the police later formed the view that the thread found on Wednesday was not relevant to the investigation, but it is also being analyzed in Sydney.

On Thursday, Australian federal police brought in a ground-penetrating radar to scan a concrete slab on the property that belonged to the boy’s foster grandmother.

William disappeared from home seven years ago, and then the plate was laid.

But Friday morning, police confirmed that the findings from the record had not furthered the investigation.

It comes after Strike Force Rosann officers investigated theories William may have fallen from a balcony on the property.

Earlier this week, police also seized a Mazda that formerly belonged to the foster grandmother, who has since died.

The results of a coronal investigation into Williams’ disappearance, which was completed last year, have not yet been released.

A reward of 1 million. USD for information on the case is still standing.

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