“Your safety” reappears on “Dubai Media” channels

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Sulaiman Al-Dakhil, Director General of the Golf Health Council, as part of the Council’s participation in Expo 2020 Dubai, yesterday signed a media collaboration agreement with Dubai Media Incorporated represented by Rashid Amiri, Deputy Director of Channels Affairs and Radio and Television Sector.

The agreement aims to strengthen the collaboration between the two parties and publish the awareness content in the Gulf Health Council by broadcasting awareness content on Dubai Media Incorporated television stations, in addition to collaborating in health awareness through several means and mechanisms, the most important of which are: Presentation of the modern “Salamtak” program episodes on the Noor Dubai Channel and the Sama Dubai Channel, viewing episodes of the old “Your Safety” program on the Dubai Zaman Channel, digital promotion of your security program and re-release of the “Your Security” podcast on Noor Dubai Radio.It is worth noting that the agreement is for a period of one Gregorian year from the date of signing and is renewed by agreement between the two parties.

The Salamtak program is one of the most important awareness programs that aims to shed light on the most important healthy behaviors for body and mind to preserve them, with a simple suggestion that is acceptable to all age groups. In general, as it had a major impact on the health awareness of every family in the community, a group of artists and performers in the Gulf and the Arab world played the roles during that period.

Through it, the GCC Health Council, an active Gulf health organization, seeks to promote and upgrade the health sector in the Member States by delivering constructive initiatives, responding to regional and global health issues and challenges, supporting decision-making and health policies, and coordinating joint Gulf actions to strengthen cooperation and integration between Member States in the field of health in order to achieve its objectives. The Council is an organization with a prestigious global regional status, with a central role that actively contributes to promoting cooperation and joint Golf Health efforts to achieve sustainable health.


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