76% growth in air traffic through Dubai airports in third quarter

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Mohammed Abdullah Linjawi, Managing Director of the Aviation Security and Accident Investigation Sector at the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, revealed that flights to and from Dubai airports grew by 76% during the third quarter of this year compared to the corresponding period of 2020 , which emphasizes that the growth indicators, It reflects the continued increase in activity in the air transport sector in Dubai.

In a press release, on the sidelines of the Dubai Airshow 2021, Linjawi explained that air traffic in Dubai is recording a continuous increase, in connection with the growth in freight traffic, and noted that the emirate’s airports will return to work with full operational capacity, with the growth in passenger traffic and flights operated by both Emirates Airlines and flydubai, in parallel with the increase in the number of foreign airlines operating at airports, and points out that these data are positive indicators for the world that Dubai is leading the recovery journey in the air transport sector, while they move forward with the implementation of the latest procedures and facilities that support this trend.

He pointed out that landing permits for commercial and private aircraft and unplanned air cargo, in turn, recorded a growth of 15% in the third quarter compared to the same period last year, while the growth rate for certificates without objection to the transport of hazardous materials reached 43%.

He explained that between January and October, the Authority’s Aviation Safety Department carried out 13 inspection campaigns against 9 campaigns over the whole of last year, while the Hazardous Materials Department carried out 156 inspection campaigns from January to October 2021, while the number of section sections reached 276 during the whole. 2020.

Linjawi pointed out that over the past year, the authority has issued 61 permits for building heights, while 43 permits were granted between January and October last year and 347 permits were granted for tower cranes during 2020, while the authority issued 208 permits for cranes. , between January and October from 2021.

He noted that the Aviation Safety and Accident Investigation Sector deals with all issues related to aviation safety, accident investigation and control of aircraft and hazardous materials in Dubai. Develop policies related to aviation security, airborne hazardous materials transportation, accident investigation, and air traffic control in the emirate, in accordance with federal law, in addition to issuing the necessary approvals regarding civil aviation safety requirements in the Emirate of Dubai, in coordination with the relevant regulator entity for the approval of foreign air carriers licensed by the General Civil Aviation Authority to operate scheduled or non-scheduled flights to the airports of the Emirate and to monitor and approve all safety and security procedures for facilities and regulations at the Emirates’ airports in coordination with aviation security and the environmental sector.

Regarding the exhibition in its 17th session, he explained that the events of the events had a strong number in terms of the number of visitors, as well as the exhibiting companies, as well as the number of aircraft that participated in the exhibition, and pointed out that the exhibition was able to attract around 370 new companies, as a strong indication of its position.At international level, noted that invitations were sent to 140 official delegations participating in the activities of the international exhibition, pointing out that the health procedures followed by the United The United Arab Emirates, in dealing with the pandemic, gave confidence to various companies and delegations to attend the events of the event, starting with the guest’s arrival at the airport and then to the exhibition area, pointing out that these efforts were coordinated in advance, 6 months before the start of the exhibition.

He pointed out that the exhibition witnessed an active movement of trade visitors and specialist companies to enter into agreements and sign agreements, as it represents a global platform that offers many opportunities at regional and international level.

And he indicated that the regulation of the airspace is in coordination between the relevant authorities and it is within the competence of the Dubai Air Navigation Services Corporation (Dans), noting that coordination was made regarding air shows during the Expo events , and also during the exhibition, where the airspace at Al Maktoum International Airport was closed, from one hour.Two in the afternoon, to five, all the days of the exhibition.


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