A vigilant police officer stops car theft in the western end of Ottawa

An alert Ottawa police officer helped press the brakes on a car theft at the western end of Ottawa.

The front sergeant stopped the driver of a Toyota Highlander around 4 a.m. Thursday in the area of ​​Greenbank Road and Harrison Street.

“Based on the officer’s experience, time of day, and knowledge that an advanced Lexus / Toyota vehicle was stolen in the area and taken back to Montreal, he made a traffic stop on the vehicle,” police said in a statement adding the investigation. revealed that it was a stolen car.

Noel Jerez, 18, of Montreal, is charged with theft of a motor vehicle, misdemeanor / damage to property, possession of property obtained through crime and conspiracy to commit an offense.

Police say it is the second time in the last month that the officer’s alertness has led to an arrest and charge.

“The Ottawa Police Service continues to monitor and pay particular attention to the theft of high-end Lexus and Toyota vehicles in Ottawa, especially larger SUVs, such as the 4-Runner and Highlander,” police said.

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