Adventure World nears drowning: Girl of 5 was pulled out of the water last Saturday

A young girl has been revived in an almost drowning in Adventure World in the southern suburbs of Perth.

The girl was rushed to hospital in a critical condition by paramedics who were called to Bibra Lake Amusement Park at 12.15pm on Saturday.

She regained consciousness and was breathing when ambulance personnel arrived at the scene.

Lifeguards inside Adventure World pulled the girl out of the water and began performing CPR.

She is now in a stable condition.

A witness described the incident as “horrific”.

“A young girl, she was helped and happily brought to the hospital with breathing,” Sarah Louise said on social media. “The lifeguards and members of the public did a fantastic job.

“It was a horrible scene.”

Hundreds of children and their families were inside Adventure World at the time.

Adventure World has been contacted for comment.

More on the way.


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