Alaska reports 445 new COVID-19 infections and no deaths Thursday

Alaska on Thursday reported 445 new cases of COVID-19 as a downward trend in infections continues.

The state now ranks at the seventh highest nationally for its COVID-19 case rate over the past week at 371 per capita. 100,000 people. Throughout most of September and October, Alaska had the highest case per capita. inhabitant.

The recent steady decline in cases has translated into some relief at state hospitals, where 137 people were admitted with COVID-19 on Thursday, including 18 people in ventilators. Almost 14% of all hospital patients in the state have COVID-19.

These figures do not include some people who are recovering from the disease and need continued care, often for several weeks after being admitted.

Alaska’s hospitals were stretched thin for several months during the COVID-19 rise. As the situation worsened, the state contracted with hundreds of outside state health personnel, and some hospitals activated crisis standards for care.

These standards are officially still active in some hospitals, but as admissions have fallen, administrators generally report improved conditions, better ability to transfer patients when needed, and less strain on staff and available beds.

The state reported no new deaths related to COVID-19 on Thursday. In total, virus-related deaths among 812 Alaska residents and 30 non-residents have been recorded since the pandemic began in March 2020.

Across the country, about 60% of the Alaska population aged 5 and older have received their first dose of the vaccine, while 54% are considered fully vaccinated.

Although cases have fallen from recent peaks, health officials say increasing the state’s vaccination rate will be key to preventing future increases in infections, hospitalizations and deaths.

Alaska currently ranks 32nd in the country among all states and Washington, DC, for its vaccination rate per capita. per capita, according to CDC data compiled by The New York Times.


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