Andy Meddick’s daughter: CCTV footage shows Kielan on the run from Fitzroy quarrel

The moment a Victorian MP’s daughter fled after she was thrown a spray can in her head has been captured on CCTV.

CCTV footage has captured the moment the daughter of Victorian MP Andy Meddick sought refuge after a confrontation in Melbourne on Thursday night.

Police say Kielan Meddick spray-painted a poster on Fitzroy St around 6 p.m. 23:00 when an unknown man approached her and an argument started.

“The couple had an argument before the woman threw the spray can at the man as she tried to leave the place,” Victoria police said.

“The man followed the woman and threw the spray can, which hit her in the back of the head.”

Footage, obtained by 7 News, captures the moment the 25-year-old Mrs. Meddick ran down Smith St with her back to head before seeking refuge in The 86 bar.

A male worker is then seen quickly closing and locking the door behind him.

The footage also shows Mrs Meddick falling to the ground in the company where the staff goes to her aid.

Police said Ms. Meddick was in the hospital for minor injuries. The man left the place.

Meddick took to social media on Friday with the shocking news, saying he was “desperately worried” about comments, threats and intimidation that his family, staff and colleagues endured, and his “worst fears have come true”.

“My deepest gratitude is to those nearby who helped her when she was most in need, and to the wonderful caregivers and health professionals who have treated her since,” his public statement read.

“I have reason to believe that this may be related to my role as a Member of Parliament and the attitudes I have taken towards the pandemic.

“The police are investigating and I will not comment further on protecting my family’s privacy and dignity.

“I also ask people to understand and respect the fact that comments, insults, intimidation and incitement can all have very real and utterly devastating consequences.”

Victoria Police are investigating and urging anyone with information to report.

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