At the end of another terrible day in America, Amber Ruffin has a message for people who need it

Amber Ruffin

Amber Ruffin
Screenshot: The Amber Ruffin Show

Late-night hosts have to interview celebrities, do silly stunts for the sake of our amusement and generally make us feel like we’re up to catch a really cool party we’re kind of invited to. But increasingly, nightmares have become our first reaction to truly horrific, unfathomable events, the traditional afternoon schedule of afternoon shots is feverishly mixed to accommodate news that goes on just before the cameras roll.

Since this is America, 2021, on Friday afternoon, your favorite host and his / her authorship sent a touch of an impossible to ignore national tragedy in the form of an innocent jury trial in Wisconsin for a Kyle Rittenhouse. Rittenhouse is the then minor who, during the Black Lives Matter protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin, had his mother drive him across state borders, where he shot three protesters with an illegally acquired AR-15 semi-automatic rifle and killed two. The protests, if you remember, were in response to the police shooting of the now paralyzed black man, Jacob Blake.

With her previous streaming time at Peacock, it was Amber Ruffin who found herself the first host to be asked to respond to the jury’s decision. After posting a typical captivating tweet earlier in the afternoon promises an even more silly than usual Amber Ruffin Show tonight, Ruffin may have felt the need to get out in front of what will be the main topic for all the other writers’ rooms and hosts. Ruffin’s introduction aired a Twitter video from her 30 Rockefeller Plaza study desk saying simply, “If you should need to be reminded of this after today’s verdict.”

In the video, Ruffin rejected any idea that she would turn to the white man Republican politicians pleased to offer the released Rittenhouse a job. Or the blazing white trolls flooding the same Twitter platform with silly memes and mocking contempt for anyone who believes it is truly a national tragedy that a court in Wisconsin has now set a precedent for heavily armed right-wingers. white supremacists to directly murder people, they do not like on the street. Or even to flush other politicians, who, it must be said, President Joe Biden, who has adopted a shake your head and ask for peace in appropriate response to this latest bloody parody of justice.

No, Ruffin addressed his viewers as, apart from the reliable hate-seekers who seek to post remedial middle school insults when the subject of America’s hard-boiled systemic racism being mentioned, is in angry grief tonight. When Ruffin called her opportunity to speak publicly about these all-too-frequent injustices something she does not take lightly, Ruffin visibly gathered before she simply said, “You mean something.”

You should see for yourself the clip when Ruffin, after hugging her arms and suffocating the emotions that threatened to overwhelm her throughout, tried to ground herself and her viewers in a sense of shared moral reality. “So I can not fathom that I have to say this, but,” Ruffin began, before taking a very long pause and finally saying, “It’s not okay for a man to grab a rifle, travel on across state borders and shoot three people and then go free. “

Ruffin went on to speak slowly and deliberately, and went on to remind viewers that it’s not okay either, that the legal system in America is “being so overtly and openly stacked against colored people,” and that it’s not okay, “that there is a completely different set of rules for white people.” Still, Ruffin explained that she did not speak to Kyle Rittenhouse, “the racist judge“or even wondering” how fucked that jury must be. “Instead, she who spoke directly to us was once again crushed over how little the justice system is even trying to hide its deadly double standard, echoed her opening statement, remarking emphatically, “I can not believe I have to say this, but you mean something.”

So with the weight of yet another awful day in America sitting on a whole lot of shoulders this Friday, and with the sickening thought of white supremacy across the country encouraged in their violent thugs with this farce-like lawsuit, Ruffin reminded everyone who was interested in listening, “You mean so much.” By acknowledging that “As soon as you begin to get the feeling that you are doing this, a man will grab a gun he should not have in the first place and travel all the way to another state just to pose for you, “Ruffin nevertheless urged her audience not to forget. You matter. Black lives matter. You matter.


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