Aurora community leaders want parents to check on their children’s devices

The shooting outside Hinkley High School hit really close to the home of Democratic State Senator Rhonda Fields.

AURORA, Colo. – How would you like to spend your Thanksgiving break?

Aurora Police Chief Vanessa Wilson suggests that you not just check in on your children, but that you check your child’s belongings.

“I need your parents to get involved. I need you to check phones. I need you to check rooms. I need you to check cars and make sure they take these weapons away. from these children, “Wilson said.

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Is it difficult for a parent to sniff after their child?

“I was a curious mother. So yeah, I looked their stuff through. They did not like it,” said State Senator Rhonda Fields, D-Aurora. “I took the liberty of doing so because I paid for that phone bill and I had bought the backpack.”

Hinkley High School, where three students shot Friday night – two students from Hinkley and one from APS Avenues – is not just in Fields district; it’s just down the street.

“Four blocks away from Hinkley High School,” Fields said.

She hopes the Thanksgiving break will result in a break from the violence in Aurora. On Monday, six people aged 14-18 were shot in Nome Park opposite Aurora Central High School.

“Thanksgiving is good. You are not in your traditional environment when it comes to schools and it provides an opportunity for families to process what has just happened. So I think the break is really current and I think it’s good . ” said Fields.

At a news conference Friday afternoon, Wilson said officers are investigating whether Hinkley’s shooting is related to Monday’s shooting near Aurora Central.

“These kids have guns, and they have them from somewhere, so we have to check phones, need to know who your kids are hanging out with and who their friends are. Check out their rooms and everything else. I have need parental help for this, “Wilson said.

“My daughter would say we need to check our kids’ backpacks,” Fields said of his daughter Maisha. “She was at a march today and she said it can not just be on the shoulders of the police and law enforcement that parents have an active role in ensuring that their weapons are not available to other people in the house.”

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