Aveyron: dozens of dead animals found on a farm, a real mass grave discovered

An investigation was opened, the agricultural associations provoking “the consequences of human distress”.

The macabre discovery goes back to last weekend.

Alarmed by the neighborhood, the Marcillac-Wallon Gendarmerie Brigade and the Department of Veterinary Services went to a farm in the municipality of Conques-en-Rouergue without imagining that there was a real mass grave behind the doors to the stables. . About twenty cattle and pigs were found dead, some stacked up on the ground, in an advanced state of decay.

According to the first elements of the study, the latter would have died of malnutrition. Other dead animals were also found a few kilometers away, in another farm belonging to the farmer, whose financial situation would be “particularly fragile”, according to several sources.

Complaint from SPA

On Friday, November 19, the Animal Welfare Association and its Ruthenian president, Jean-Pierre Blanc, filed a complaint of “abuse” and “cruelty”.

An investigation was opened and Rodez’s prosecutors seized the case.

“These animals died inintolerable disorder, which I do not even dare to imagine … The problem is that many people must have known we are in a small village. Why were there no warnings before? Something did not work, in the services of the state or in the chamber of agriculture “, responds the volunteer of the animal cause.

A resident of the city, who wished to remain anonymous, also spoke about “beasts that have not been out for several months“.

The contact wanted the agricultural associations (FDSEA and JA) as well as the agricultural chamber of Aveyron to respond on Friday 19 November in a joint statement: “It is a serious situation, what happened is not acceptable. That is the consequence of one human distress and today we have two goals: to support the farmer and his family and to take care of the remaining animals in the herd. “


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