Bicycle parking at the Grand Paris Express stations: will there be enough space to park?

What will the future Grand Paris Express (GPE) stations look like in 2030? How do travelers get there? Certainly not by car. Probably by bus and tram to a great extent. But also on foot and … by bike.

As 68 new stations emerge from the ground, associations of cyclists and elected representatives in Île-de-France Mobilités, the regional authority responsible for transport, are already sounding the alarm. They are concerned about the few secure parking spaces for bicycles that have been made available so far as part of the station development of the Société du Grand Paris (SGP).

Today, the figure of 4,000 seats for bicycles at stations is expected. Very far from the target of 55,000 bicycle spaces set by the Île-de-France Mobilités (IDFM) in its “bicycle plan”. “The number of bike rides is exploding and we believe that in the long run at least 10% of GPE users will travel to stations by bike,” Jacques Baudrier, deputy (PCF), told Paris’ mayor and administrator of the IDFM. The figure of 55,000 already seemed undersized to us. But with only 4,000 planned seats, the SGP is showing a caricature of malice. “

The Association of Transport Users (Aut-IDF), for its part, made a request in the last board of IDFM for a commitment of “12,000 seats at least for the east and west section of the line. 15”, and “15,000 at least for the other lines ”.

“Achieve a minimum of 50,000 seats by 2030”

“The use of the bicycle has experienced a marked increase for several months, also over medium distances with the use of the UAE. (electrically assisted bicycle), responds SGP. Société du Grand Paris wants to adapt to this change in the use and need for bicycle parking around the stations of the future metro. With Île-de-France Mobilités, we are eager to find the best balance between metro, bus and soft transport. “

A note on hope for cyclists: it turns out that the chairman of the SGP’s board, Jean-François Monteils, is a fan of “vélotaf”. Instead of cycling, “I think we can do better within the bounds of available space,” he recently confided to the Parisian. Even though the needs are often located where space is most limited ”.

SGP technical teams are therefore in the process of reviewing their copy. “Each transport hub will be equipped with free access (hangers) or secure (secure) bicycle parking spaces, the equipment level of which is defined by Île-de-France Mobilités,” SGP is assured. The Société du Grand Paris is fully mobilized with the goal of achieving a minimum of 50,000 parking spaces by 2030, spread across the 68 future hubs. “

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