Campus changes are important for UH students, both Houston

Campus changes are important for UH students, both Houston

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It’s no secret that UH has long been considered a commuter school. However, the new medical school, redesign of old buildings and the new law center will help to strengthen the educational and life experience for UH students as well as give them the opportunity to be better prepared when they enter the professional workforce.

While the medical school has already admitted a limited number of students again July last year, medical school has not yet reached full LCME accreditation, only one provisional accreditation.

While this may sound less exciting, the university’s medical school will still provide medical students with an MD degree.

It will simply be a practicing MD degree rather than a specialist MD degree. But the steps to specialize medical students in their areas of interest are already being taken.

A new College of Medicine building will be completed by that summer 2022 which will extend medical students’ choices to their practicing MD degrees and full LCME accreditation expected in 2024.

Having a specialist MD degree in the workforce is crucial to staying competitive in a job market that is as demanding as in medicine. Having the LCME accreditation will enable the University to continue to provide healthcare professionals to a city that desperately needs them.

Second, full LCME accreditation will raise the university’s overall prestige at the international level. UH already has one significant population of 3,619 international students currently enrolled in this fall semester.

Having a fully accredited LCME Medical School in the country’s fourth largest city, near largest medical center in the world will certainly attract the attention of many more international students.

Finally, having a medical school for a specialist MD degree will most likely lead to more opportunities for scholarships and internships both in the state and outside the state.

Not to mention, students graduating from Medical School as specialists positively impact Houston’s medical industry, adding a overall economic boost back to the city.

The opportunities for non-medical students on this campus are also growing. The new John M. O’Quinn Law Center will open its doors in 2022. The center will have many more opportunities for students to specialize in the areas of law they are most passionate about, and create more Houston-based attorneys who will define the nation’s future legal system at both the state and national levels.

These two projects will make UH known, which will benefit all students, whether they are taking a law or medical degree.

Students, especially those who are locals in Houston, should be excited in the coming years about how UH will impact the local and national economy positively.

JJ Caceres is a newly graduated political scientist who can be taken on [email protected]

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