Ducklings rescued from Melb train tracks

Melbourne transport staff have rescued six ducklings from train tracks at Flinders St station.

When the ducklings were seen earlier Friday on the rails at platform 10, workers quickly stopped a train from departing.

When the Metro Trains worker examined the pit under the train, they spotted the ducklings and collected them, despite trying to escape.

Rescuers from Wildlife Victoria then collected the ducklings and took them to an animal sanctuary.

Wildlife Victoria CEO Lisa Palma said Metro Trains workers were fast and heroic.

“We greatly appreciate the efforts of everyone involved in rescuing these ducklings,” she said.

The ducklings are cared for in captivity and are released when they can fend for themselves.

Wildlife Victoria says that if people see ducklings, they should not get too close, especially if their parents are nearby.

People should try to warn oncoming traffic if ducklings are seen on the road.

Wildlife Victoria’s Emergency Response Service can be contacted on 03 8400 7300 or visit to submit an emergency report online.

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