“Education and Knowledge” lists 8 health rights for children in crèches

The Department of Education and Knowledge has identified eight conditions that crèches in Abu Dhabi must adhere to in order to ensure a healthy environment for children, as part of its zeal for health and safety for children enrolled in crèches.

The department stated on its website that the nursery supervision model consists of two basic elements, including support and an inspection visit, to improve the quality of teaching and care in nurseries, and pointed to the need for nursery operators to ensure that the kindergarten building is safe. and sound at all times, and includes internal spaces. And outdoors, in relation to the number of children and their age.

She added that the inspection and evaluation process for nurseries in Abu Dhabi is based on three phases, which were selected and identified to ensure the completion of the evaluation process in accordance with the approved international standards. The first phase includes pre-inspection evaluation, the second phase is post-inspection and the third phase is post-inspection follow-up.

The department confirmed that there are eight conditions that crèches in Abu Dhabi must comply with in order to ensure a healthy environment for children in crèches, which includes taking all necessary precautions to prevent contamination and the spread of diseases, apply appropriate measures to deal with injuries and sick children, and take preventive measures and health guidance, in particular with regard to health areas.The child and its nutrition, the benefits of breastfeeding, prevention of diseases and accidents, the harms of smoking, setting the necessary policies and programs in this regard, and take the necessary measures to prevent and protect children from using drugs, narcotics and stimulants and all forms of psychotropic drugs or participating in their production, trafficking or promotion.

Support and follow-up crèches

The Department of Education and Knowledge confirmed that it offers programs dedicated to the support and follow-up of crèches in Abu Dhabi, to help them improve the quality of their performance in providing education and care services to children. .

She added that it helps kindergartens to introduce self-evaluation mechanisms through which improvement points can be identified on an ongoing basis and the necessary measures are taken in this regard to ensure the quality of the education and care they provide to children throughout the period. operation.

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