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ABU DHABI, 20 November / WAM / The editorials from the UAE newspapers published this morning shed light on the UAE’s early willingness to invest in renewable energy and low carbon technologies to protect the environment and prevent the worsening of climate change and its success in this regard.

The editorial was also about the great success achieved by this year’s Dubai International Airshow, which was reflected in the broad international participation, and the implemented billion agreements, the value of which exceeded 262 billion dirhams.

The leaders mentioned the situation in the Libyan arena in the light of the preparations for the next presidential election on December 24, with the parliamentary elections in January in line with the change made by the House of Representatives.

Under the title “Future Vision”, the newspaper Al-Ittihad now, as always, remains a forerunner and has a forward-looking vision for the future for the benefit of future generations. 15 years ago, the state realized it was time to start investing in renewable energy and low-carbon technology to protect the environment and prevent the phenomenon of change in aggravating the climate. The newspaper pointed out that in order to achieve these noble goals, the United Arab Emirates made huge investments and launched many initiatives, mobilized regional and international efforts for environmentally friendly energy and set about implementing an ambitious economic strategy that does not depend on oil as a main driver of the national economy.

She pointed out that the state assumed a major responsibility before the international community realized the real consequences of climate change, and established its position as a pioneering model in working hard to reduce CO2 emissions, reduce dependence on fossil fuels and invest in smart technologies that increase the efficiency of new renewable energy..and in this country has achieved great results and a comprehensive and sustainable renaissance has become a reality thanks to development plans that depend on the diversification of income sources in various non-oil sectors, dependent on national cadres and competencies, which are now the main axis and the very engine of the UAE economy.

And the newspaper Al-Ittihad ended its editorial by saying: But it remains for “all countries to work as one team to preserve the planet for future generations, otherwise the costs will be much greater in the future,” as His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and ruler of Dubai said, Allah.

For its part, the newspaper Al Bayan, in its editorial entitled “Exceptional Success”, said that the successive global praise for this year’s edition of the Dubai International Airshow, for outstanding success, as reflected in the broad international participation and the billion agreements reached, whose value exceeded 262 billion dirhams, flies.With a growth of more than 31% over the pre-pandemic version of the exhibition, it confirms that Dubai has today become one of the most prominent leaders in global growth engines towards recovery and recovery again.

The newspaper added that Dubai, which does not know the impossible in terms of approach and will, was able, through the vision of its forward-looking leadership and its proactive strategy, to undertake the aviation sector’s return to flight, and through the largest session of Dubai Airshows history, it was able to accelerate the recovery of the global aviation industry after two years. From the recession caused by the “Corona” pandemic, which disrupted the world’s airports and restricted the flight of its aircraft.

The newspaper stressed that the great international confidence in Dubai’s ability to lead growth today undoubtedly confirms that Dubai has become the world’s compass to cross into the future, and that its successive successes in hosting international events have become an inspiring lesson for the world. in ability. to overcome challenges and formulate a roadmap for crossing. To the bank of growth and prosperity.

The newspaper Al Bayan ended its editorial by noting that during the 3 decades that the Dubai Airshow was organized, Dubai wrote a different success story in each session of this world’s most prominent event in the aviation industry, but this year’s success story was unique in every respect. , as it coincides with Dubai embracing the “Expo” and the aftermath of the “Covid 19” pandemic successfully overcame it and led the recovery of the global economy by bringing the aviation sector back on the run.

Regarding Arab affairs, the newspaper Al-Khaleej said in its editorial entitled “Will the Libyan election take place?” The Libyan presidential election will take place on December 24 next year, with the parliamentary elections in January under the amendment made by the House of Representatives, as the presidential and parliamentary elections were scheduled to take place simultaneously, and the High Electoral Commission has also begun receiving the names on the presidential candidates on the eighth of this month. time, support them and warn their obstructionists to face sanctions.

The newspaper added that despite the logistical preparations, the start of receiving the nominations and the international meetings to support the electoral process, there is still doubt about their behavior. There are differences between East and West, and the institutions of the presidency of the state and government, and the armed “brotherhood” militias are still against them and threaten to disrupt them, in addition to the continued presence of foreign forces and mercenaries on Libyan soil.

The newspaper pointed out that all this leaves a vague curtain on the possibility of holding elections on time and on terms that guarantee their transparency and integrity and open the doors to a peaceful solution to the crisis that has turned into a protracted regional and international conflict, which has cost thousands of Libyans their lives, squandered Libya’s capabilities and riches and left the country divided. Between East and West, militias and foreign forces.


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