Heavy snow falls ‘for days’ across the UK with temperatures dropping as low as -12C

The Northeast is facing freezing temperatures along with the rest of the UK from the start of next week as the cold weather hits the country.

The temperatures below minus should arrive from Monday, according to WXCharts, while several days of snow are also predicted, reports the Mirror.

Temperatures may reach -12C in late November – around -4C in Newcastle – in what has been called a “little ice age” due to Arctic flags blowing south.

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Marco Petagna, meteorologist for the Met Office, said: “I could not imagine a better weather pattern for cold weather fans, with forecast models showing a northerly direction straight from the Arctic next week.”

Most of the country will see minus degrees next week, where it will hover around 0C, with the lowest temperatures at -7C, although it will not be so cold in the south of England.

The Met Office has warned of heavy snowfall in the north of the UK on Monday, with the cold explosion expected to reach the south on Wednesday night.

London could see winter showers and snow by the end of next week.

Maybe it's time to get those sleds out of the closet
Maybe it’s time to get those sleds out of the closet

Met Office predicts colder temperatures than usual from Tuesday to December 2nd.

It said: “High pressure will often be close to the western or south-western parts of Britain during this period.

“This will tend to lead to a colder than average north or northwest airflow for a period of time. The most unresolved conditions are likely to be across northern areas.”

Before November 29, it should also freeze in London, drop to around -4C in Newcastle and in the Scottish Highlands it could be -12C.

It is unlikely that there will be any relief from the freezing point for weeks as it will hang around -2C to -4C in large parts of the country.

There will still be plenty of rain around next weekend, but on 28 November there may be up to 3cm of snow in the south of England and Wales, while in Scotland there may be 5cm of snow.

James Madden, weather forecaster for Exacta Weather, told Expressen: “Cold conditions in the coming days will pave the way for a series of widespread snow events from the last week of November to the beginning of December.

“During this period, it will be markedly colder, and with a decline in solar activity, we are looking at a potential mini-ice age winter.”

December is expected to be colder, with some long-term forecasts predicting a low level of -17C.

Met Office five-day weather forecast for the UK


Dry and rather cloudy in the southern areas. Further north, a band with mostly light rain moves south and reaches the central areas at the end of the day. Showers follow the rain over the north and northwest and fall like snow over hills.

Saturday night

Light spotty rain disappears from the southern areas. A rather cold northern wind follows over all parts, mostly dry inland, but showers move inland from north-facing coastlines.


Fairly cold, but dry and bright for most places, however, showers will feed inland from the shores of the North Sea.

Outlook for Monday to Wednesday

Initially precipitated and predominantly dry with varying cloud cover. During Wednesday, a band of rain moves to the southeast over the northern areas, colder conditions and showers follow, showers wintry over hills.

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