In Puy-de-Dôme, the bell tower that drives dong to madness – Liberation


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In Ceyrat, the church rings 560 times a day. Public calm, tradition, secularism, the debate share the citizens, who this week voted to settle the issue.

Gaël Drillon displays pockets full of letters, legal texts and copies of Facebook comments on a coffee table. He drew heads in red felt in the margin with sad mouths. When he speaks, he defends himself, with a confident and shaky tone at the same time. He says he is solid and “Full of resources”, but all indications are that the story is on the verge of overtaking it. Or it has already been planted at the roadside for a long time.

In December, quadra BCBG buys a house in Boisséjour, a locality attached to Ceyrat (Puy-de-Dôme), a town of 6,400 inhabitants adjacent to Clermont-Ferrand. “The Great Night of Disappointment”, as he says, did not intervene the first night, but during the weeks. And “security” finally landed in January: his sleep is diminished by the burning of church bells a stone’s throw from his home. They are constantly ringing. Every half hour, day and night. Gaël Drillon counts. More than 560 times per. 24 hours, including nearly 200 at night, with the three angelus at. 7.00, dinner and 19.00.

Very quickly informs the newly arrived mayor of Ceyrat, accompanied by a couple of companions. He assures us that she then agrees to stop the bells at night, between 10pm and 7am – such a case is decided by municipal ordinance. So nothing. A letter, remained unanswered, which he read a little while trembling and in which the words «Trans…


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