Judge declares trial in the case of a man from Texas who is accused of having killed at least 18 women

A judge has declared a lawsuit in the case of a man from Texas who is accused of having killed at least 18 women.

Judge Raquel Jones on Friday declared a mistake in the case of Billy Chemirmir after the jury discussed for 11 hours over two days and declared stalemate four times, The Dallas Morning News reported.

The notes say a jury member would not “considered from her vote”, although it is unclear whether the 11 other jurors supported a conviction or acquittal.

Chemirmir was arrested in 2018 after an elderly woman said he broke into her apartment and attacked her. Police discovered documents in the woman’s home, which Chemirmir had forged, and which led police to Lu Thi Harris’ home, which was found dead.

After the arrest, police linked Chemirmir to 17 other murders, according to the local business.

Dallas County District Attorney John Creuzot told the business that the county will try the case again.

Defense attorney Kobby Warren said the state did not provide enough evidence to reach the standard of reasonable doubt to convict Chemirmir.

Families of the victims have watched from another room in the courthouse due to COVID-19 restrictions.

“We are devastated by the outcome of this lawsuit,” said Loren Adair-Smith, daughter of a victim. “We are sick of having to go back and hear the same evidence again.”

The Hill has contacted the district attorney and Warren for a comment.


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