London ULEZ: ‘I have to pay £ 12.50 every time I turn left out of my driveway’

A couple have told of their anger over having to pay the £ 12.50 ULEZ fee every time they turn left out of their driveway.

George and Vera Dowler’s home is located right on the border of the low emission zone in Eltham.

They faced a cash fee every time they drove their older cars past the traffic light near their home after last month’s ULEZ expansion.

It has left George to defer “almost £ 40,000” on new vehicles – while his wife Vera has been forced to park her older vehicle, which does not meet ULEZ standards, at her work’s garage around the corner.

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The couple have lived in their South East London house for 32 years, but were right on the edge of the ULEZ border when the rules changed.

While their house is inside the zone, it was enough to turn left past cameras and traffic lights and towards the nearby roundabout to see them facing a charge.

George said: “[Sadiq Khan] has cost me almost £ 40,000 in engines. I have had to buy a car and pay £ 7,000 for a new van which is no better than the one we have.

“I have a perfect van that can drive 5,000 miles a year, yet a van that meets those emissions can handle 100,000 miles more. Who pollutes the air more, me or him?”

Traffic light
The couple says these cameras at the traffic lights outside their homes capture older cars

Vera called the situation “disgusting” and said she now left her older car around the corner where she works in admin.

That means she can escape the cameras placed on top of the traffic lights, which they say capture older vehicles right outside their homes.

George added: “It’s all about money. [If] people are ready to still use their old vehicles, the air would be exactly the same so it’s about money.

“What is the difference between the air here and the air on the other side of the traffic light?

“Also, I’ve been raised around trucks and smoke, like thousands of other people. I’m 72, still in the shape of a violin. It’s certainly not the air, but it’s the food people eat. I just do not get it. all.

“I have a perfect van if they want to use it on the other side of that roundabout. There’s 10 years left in it and they can use it and I can not.”

“What about the new F1 racer?” Vera added, referring to the reported negotiations, that London Mayor Khan is in to bring a Formula 1 track to the capital.

She thought it undermined his climate knowledge and said, “It’s absolutely insane!”

A spokesman for the Mayor of London said: “We know that toxic air pollution in London leads to 4,000 premature deaths a year, inhibits the growth of children’s lungs and exacerbates chronic diseases such as asthma.

“The bold action taken by Sadiq since he became mayor has already led to a 94 per cent reduction in the number of Londoners living in areas exceeding the legal limit for nitrogen dioxide (NO2) levels and the gap between the worst The exposure to nitrogen dioxide has decreased by up to 50 per cent.

“87 per cent of the cars seen driving in the widened zone already meet the standards, and to help more Londoners switch to cleaner vehicles, Sadiq has invested £ 61 million in scrapping schemes that have helped replace or retrofit more than 12,000 vehicles since 2019. ”

Earlier this month, motorists elsewhere on the border with the Local Democracy Reporting Service told them they were not bothered by the rule changes.


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