Microsoft launches Teams Phone with call plan for businesses in the new year

Microsoft launches Teams Phone with call plan for businesses in the new year

Microsoft has announced that it will merge Microsoft 365 Business Voice – a cloud-based small and medium-sized enterprise (SMB) telephone system built for Microsoft Teams – with its Enterprise offering for a new SKU called Teams Phone with Calling Plan. The new plan aims to simplify the purchasing decision-making process and streamline the delivery of Enterprise-grade capabilities to SMEs.

Microsoft described the product and said:

Teams Phone with Call Schedule is an all-in-one communication solution that helps SMEs reduce costs and simplify operations. It brings together calls, chats, meetings and collaboration in a single app, enabling users to make phone calls from anywhere, on any device – including computers, smartphones, desk phones and meeting rooms. It combines essential telephony components: a telephone system and home calling plan in a single package. “

Companies interested in the plan will be able to buy it in 33 markets through partners from January 1, 2022. If you want to buy the plan directly from Microsoft, you will be able to do so from January 3, if your business is in the US, UK or Canada. Companies in other markets can get the plan through Microsoft later in January.

With the service plan, companies will be able to make secure, reliable and comprehensive calls while taking advantage of features like automatic assistants, call queues, consultative transfer and voicemail transcription. The plan leverages Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure, which provides reliable, high-quality audio as well as AI-powered capabilities. Businesses using other Microsoft 365 or Office 365 services will be able to manage this plan through the same management console.

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