Ohio refineries closed at the same time

Ohio refineries closed at the same time

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The temporary closure of two major oil refineries in Ohio has the potential to disrupt Christmas supplies and cause fuel shortages in several states at a time when consumers are already being hammered by high gasoline prices.

Husky Marketing and Supply Co. in Lima and another refinery operated by Findlay, Ohio-based Marathon Petroleum Co., recently shut down for preventative maintenance at about the same time, according to a city Cincinnati memo obtained by The Enquirer.

The refineries distill crude oil for gasoline, diesel and other products and supply large parts of Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia and Indiana.

The Lima refinery will maintain limited production during the temporary shutdown, officials said.

“The planning of this major maintenance program began more than a year ago. Under such planned maintenance programs, the company is developing supply plans to meet its obligations,” said spokesman Reg Curren.

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