See: A Yoga Flow for Beginners to Introduce You to the Most Common Yoga Positions

If you have always wanted to give yoga a shot but did not know where to start, this beginner yoga flow has you covered. Although you are probably aware of the many benefits of yoga – ordinary practitioners can enjoy everything from better balance, strength and flexibility to improved focus, concentration and mental resilience – it able to seems scary to those who have never tried it before.

But this guided yoga class will break it all down for you. As the first part of Sweat With SELF’s Yoga for Beginners series, this class will introduce you to the basics with a 40-minute class that will take you through all the most common postures. Yoga instructor Rita Murjani, chief of staff at mindful-living brand Aduri, who teaches at NYC-based studios SkyTing and Equinox, will take you through the class and provide tips and tricks on how to adapt each pose to your fitness level. In addition to teaching you ways to change your postures, she will also introduce you to how to use certain yoga props, such as yoga blocks and blankets, to make these yoga modifications easier.

During this beginner yoga class, you will move through more than 10 common yoga poses (including additional changes and variations for each). These yoga postures include basic postures such as the hero posture, the tabletop, the downward dog, crescent outcome, baby cobra, forward folding, warrior II, child position, pigeon position, camel position and seated forward folding. Murjani will guide you through a flow, going from one yoga position to the next so you can learn to incorporate them all into a hassle-free yoga practice you can do at home.

Ready to get started with this beginner yoga flow? Roll out your yoga mat, gather your props – if you do not have real yoga blocks, a stack of books can work just fine – and get ready to embark on a guided relaxation for your body and mind. So come back next week for more beginner yoga with the second part of Sweat With SELF’s Yoga for Beginners series.



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