“So much history that was preserved in our warehouse has disappeared”

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Sent: Sat 20 November 2021

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“So much history that was preserved in our warehouse has disappeared”

Hundreds of thousands of books, including some dating back centuries, were destroyed in the devastating fire at the Berwyn Books store in Buckley earlier this week.

A huge fire broke out in the large commercial warehouse at Spencer’s Industrial Estate

Eight firefighters attended the fire, which involved two units in the industrial area just after 5 p.m. Wednesday.

At the height of the incident, up to 50 firefighters battled the blaze.

After the fire, the owners told followers on social media: “We would love to tell you that it was only a small incident, but unfortunately that is not the case.”

‘The fire spread throughout the property. We do not really know what to say, except that everything is gone. “

“At the moment, everything is put on hold and we do not know what will happen in the future.”

The building has now been condemned.

Just seeing the rubble and the books and everything charred, it’s very sad.

I think we’re still shaking from the impact and the shock of it all.
(Jane Suttcliffe Berwyn book)

About 400,000 books are estimated to have been destroyed in the fire.

In a speech to BBC Wales, Emma Littler of Berwyn Books said: “There is nothing left, the flames were so high in the sky, there is nothing to save.”

“The historical value of what has been lost, we can not appreciate.”

“There are things that are irreplaceable, there are real pieces of history.”

“The monetary value is just not enough to describe how much has been lost.”

“For example, we had a book that landed on my desk over the weekend that was signed by Queen Victoria.”

Emma continued, “We had a lot of things from the world wars, and there were letters, diaries, diaries from the Victorian era.”

“We had Bibles back in the 18th century.”

“There really is so much history and artifacts that were preserved in our warehouse that will be taken care of and it’s gone.”

Lauren Simcott, a customer at Berwyn Books, has started a fundraiser in hopes of raising some money for staff.

A GoFundMe page has been created by customer Lauren Simcott, she said: “I only discovered Berwyn Books this year, but I loved every visit and I know I’m among a great community crushed for the owners and staff. “

“I know they will have an insurance policy that will eventually pay out, but I have set up this GoFundMe to help staff get through this trying time, especially before Christmas.”

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