Solidarity Anthology at the Dôme of the Legion’s Music

At the initiative of Lieutenant General Pascal Facon, Governor of Marseille, a solidarity concert was held on Thursday in the Dôme de Marseille.

A moment bravely animated by the Foreign Legion’s Music and its conductor Lieutenant Colonel Émile Lardeux, who knew how to exchange humor, Legion classics such as. The blood sausage and Veronica, and surprise with the music of James Bond and even Michel Fugain. Mathieu Sempéré, tenor from Stentors and Petits Chanteurs de la Major, a children’s choir from Marseille, gave their voices next to them.

On the occasion of this evening, the Marseille military governor symbolically handed over the lieutenant colonel of the civilian reserve to three Marseillais, including the vice-president of Mondial La Marseillaise à pétanque and the director of events in That Marseillaise, Pierre Guille.


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