Stand a few times every hour to prevent illness – Dr. Michael Mosley

Dr. Michael Mosley explained why you should add stand up to your routine on his BBC Radio 4 podcast. Prolonged sitting can lead to “some pretty ugly” health problems, ranging from a higher risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes to death from all causes. Fortunately, Just One Thing shared how much you should stand each day to prevent illness.

How much should you stand?

This time, Dr. Mosley John Buckley, a professor of Applied Exercise Science at University Center Shrewsbury, who gave the answer.

Professor Buckley said: “Remind yourself to just move and get up as often as you can.

“Work [stand up] at least two or three times in an hour for a few minutes, just get up. “

He also recommended taking your phone calls while you were getting up. “It’s pretty interesting, because if you have someone to call standing by, they also tend to walk around, so there’s an added benefit.”

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Why is it good for us to stand up?

Apart from research suggesting various health benefits associated with this activity, the simple explanation is gravity.

Professor Buckley explained: “I think gravity has a lot to answer for, and one of the best ways to look at it is people who have done these studies.

“Where they have had prolonged bed rest, they have lost bone density, their circulation was reduced simply by not standing up and letting gravity pull on their body, which is a small but constant force.

“Really, it’s not far from bedtime to sit down.”

The professor of Applied Exercise Science explained that sitting down slows down our metabolism and lacks stimulation to any part of our body.

“Whether it’s our bones, whether it’s our circulation, whether it’s our metabolism that keeps our blood sugar, it just drops to a resting level,” he added.

For those who believe that training after work can undo the injury, the Just One Thing host issued a warning. He said: “New evidence suggests that unless you exercise at least 40 minutes of moderately vigorous exercise daily.

“You can not regret the damage that prolonged sitting causes and even worse if you sit for long periods, this actually reduces the benefits of exercise.”

“So it’s definitely worth a try, it’s just one thing. Get up for a few minutes every hour, ”advised Dr. Mosley.

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