The American Kidney Fund praises the US House of Representatives for including supplies for kidney patients in the Build Back Better Act

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The American Kidney Fund (AKF) welcomes the US House of Representatives for including provisions in the Build Back Better Act that will help people with chronic kidney disease (CKD) and kidney failure (end-stage kidney disease or ESRD).

“Access to affordable, comprehensive health insurance and primary care physicians is the first step in ensuring the early detection of CKD, which can provide kidney patients with early intervention that can slow or halt disease progression,” said LaVarne A. Burton. President and CEO of the American Kidney Fund. “Enhancing the Affordable Care Act (ACA) tax deduction and strengthening the Medicaid program so that more people in the United States can access affordable health insurance has been a long-standing political priority for AKF. We are so excited to see these provisions in Build Back Better Act, as they will help kidney patients who depend on Medicaid, Medicare and private insurance. “

Medicaid, which currently provides health coverage to one in five low-income individuals, plays a vital role in helping people prevent and manage chronic health conditions. Expanding Medicaid is an important step in helping people with CKD and ESRD. Compared to states that did not expand Medicaid, people living in states that expanded the program had lower mortality after undergoing dialysis, and more patients were preemptively placed on the transplant list so they could be on dialysis for a shorter period of time. Medicaid expansion also resulted in improved measures of blood pressure and glucose, which is meaningful because diabetes and hypertension account for 75% of new cases of renal failure.

The Build Back Better Act contains a provision that will provide access to ACA coverage to individuals living in states where there is a coverage gap because the state did not extend Medicaid. These individuals have too high incomes for Medicaid, but too low to qualify for ACA tax subsidies. The Build Back Better Act would extend the ACA tax deduction until 2025 to the lower income limit so they could access health insurance.

In addition, the AKF advocated for increased Federal Medical Assistance Rate (FMAP), which is the federal part of the federal-state-funded program for Medicaid. The Build Back Better Act will expand FMAP from 90% to 93% from 2023 to 2025. As many states face budget deficits due to the COVID-19 pandemic, states may roll back Medicaid services. The extra funding is needed to better ensure that people maintain access to the health services they need.

Access to medically appropriate prescription drugs for kidney patients must be maintained in the midst of federal efforts to address the rising costs of prescription drugs. Patients with CKD, ESRD and who live with kidney transplants are dependent on prescription medication to manage their kidney disease and comorbidities. Most people in the United States who are on dialysis are being treated with Medicare, and AKF supports policies that would result in lower drug costs and lower costs for them, including a restructuring of the Medicare Part D service that creates a real out- of-pocket costs for them. hood for receivers with a smoothing mechanism. The Build Back Better Act includes a $ 2,000 ceiling. Patients who reach $ 2,000 on prescription medication during the first month will have a mechanism to pay the $ 2,000 over months to ensure affordability.

The ACA expanded access to health insurance for millions of Americans, helping CKD patients receive early intervention to slow the progression of their disease. AKF supports the extension of advanced tax deductions (APTCs), so insurance is more affordable. The U.S. rescue plan extended APTCs to those earning more than 400% of poverty and limited insurance premium costs to 8.5% of income. The Build Back Better Act will extend these provisions until 2025. The provision will allow millions of Americans to retain their health insurance, which is essential for those with diabetes, heart disease, CKD and ESRD.


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