The “author’s clock” tells the time using quotes from books

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Here’s a new way of keeping track of the class. While most watches only tell you time, a whimsical new watch will also tell you timeless stories.

The author clock is a clock that has no hands, but instead has over 2,000 quotes from literary works spanning six centuries. Here’s how it works: When the clock strikes a certain hour and minute, a passage from a book flashes. For example, at 9 a.m., the device will display a line from “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald:

“At nine o’clock, one morning in late July, Gatsby’s magnificent car swerved up the rocky drive to my door, emitting an eruption of melody from its three-note horn.”

There are 720 minutes in 12 hours, and the author clock impressively has a quote for each one. Its design, meanwhile, has a mid-century aesthetic with an easy-to-read display, white oak housing, recycled plastic edges, a brass base and a brass knob that lets you customize the font and size of the text. Its simplicity makes it a great addition to your bookshelf or reading hook wall.

Author Clock comes in two sizes, a small desktop version that can be read up to three feet away with a battery life of up to three weeks, and a large wall version that can be read from 10 feet away and only needs to be charged every two months.

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