The Halo Infinite campaign collaboration and Forge moved further back in 2022

Sounds like glory will be a single-player campaign until at least next May

With shade off Halo infinite multiplayer and its campaign on the horizon, there is a pretty big part of it glory to play on the road. It sounds like those who persevere Halo infinite campaign co-op will wait a bit though.

In an interview with Eurogamer, 343 Industries’ Head of Creative Joseph Staten said that the extension of the first season of Halo infinite means that the release of its campaign co-op and Forge mode has also been pushed back.

The state confirmed that the goal is still to send campaign collaborations in season 2 of Halo infinite, and Forge in season 3. Originally, seasons were supposed to last for three months, but season 1 has been extended to next May. With the expansion, it looks like May 2022 is the earliest, season 2 and campaign co-op could arrive.

“Yes, we’re extending season 1. So our goal is still what I said before, which is to broadcast campaign collaboration with season 2 and Forge with season 3,” the State told Eurogamer. “But it’s still goal. It’s still goal. And we can not commit to any tough dates right now, because as we see with this multiplayer beta, other things may move up in the priority stack for us.”

The state goes on to say that the team “clearly communicates” its decisions if things continue to move around, and both the co-op and Forge are “really big promises” that the team must live up to.

The result is now that Halo infinite feels like a staggered release. The free-to-play multiplayer is currently live, the single-player campaign arrives in a few weeks, and then the campaign co-op and Forge will be rolled out in the new year. It’s a strange feeling, especially as someone who personally draws on fashions like co-op and creative tools.

Still, I still enjoy the multiplayer, and the campaign has looked interesting so far. We already had to wait longer Halo infinite than first expected, and if the results follow, patience can be rewarded.

Halo infinite launches its single-player campaign on December 8, 2021. Its multiplayer site is live right now.

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