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The Duchess of Cornwall has described her tour of Egypt as “absolutely brilliant”, but added that “it has been too short”.

Prince Charles and Camilla have reached the end of their four-day Middle East tour, where they visited Jordan.

During a visit to the Jesuit Cultural Center in Alexandria, the prince and duchess met small groups of artists, filmmakers and advocates, including Ahmed Yassin, the founder of the social firm Banlastic Egypt, as campaigns to ban disposable plastic.

When Mr Yassin asked about their trip to Egypt, Camilla replied: “It has been absolutely brilliant, but it has been too short, too fast. I want to see more – you just dive in.”

Speaking about their visit to the country as newlyweds in 2006, she added: “It was the first long-distance journey we took on after we got married, so it will always stick with me.

“It was very exciting. I have many happy memories here.”

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