Took caboose one of the cheapest ads in the Toronto area

TORONTO – A refurbished train car for sale in the Halton area could be one of the cheapest real estate ads in the Toronto area right now.

The cottage, located on leased land at 43 Main Street East in Campbellville, is listed for $ 45,000. The land it sits on is rented for $ 400 a month.

The structure was built in 1912 and renovated in 2009. It has no running water and does not have a bathroom, but that has not made the structure useless – it was most recently intended as office space and showroom for a limousine company.

43 Main Street East, Campbellville.  (Jennifer Crane

Due to the lack of running water, real estate agent Jennifer Krane does not recommend the property for living in its current state, although she said it could be equipped with running water by installing sewage pipes and retaining tanks.

Krane told CTV News Toronto on Thursday that they hope whoever buys the train car will move it to a place where it can be enjoyed to its full potential.

“My salesman hopes someone will move it and enjoy it in their own space, whether it’s on their own piece of property as a small home or in their backyard for the kids to hang out in,” she said.

She says the property is an integral part of the Campbellville area, having been located at its current location since 1989.

“Everyone I’ve talked to will be sad to see it go,” Krane said. “Before it becomes an office, all the locals will remember it was an ice cream shop.”


This listing boasts one of the lowest price tags available on the market in the Greater Toronto Area, where the average selling price was just over $ 1 million for the month of October. The current average selling price in Campbellville is $ 1.2 million.

According to the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board, there were no housing lists for under $ 200,000 in the Greater Toronto Area in October.

In recent months, parking lots in Toronto have been built at more than double the price of Campbellville’s historic caboose.


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