Vancouver crime: Another alien assault reported, this time involving scissors


A man has been charged after reports of a stranger shouting and threatening people with scissors in downtown Vancouver earlier this week.

Police said it was reported that a man was walking his dog along Seymour Street on Tuesday night when he was contacted by someone he did not know.

According to Vancouver Police Const. Tania Visintin, the man, said the stranger “started yelling and threatening him with scissors.”

The victim found a safe place and called police, she said.

The officers were told that the man then went into a nearby assembly hall – the center was not named, but it appears that it was the assembly site – and also threatened those inside.

Police were called again and a suspect was found “before anyone was seriously injured,” Visintin said in a press release Wednesday.

Clifford Scott Kay has been charged with a single charge of assault with a weapon in connection with the case.

Police said the 36-year-old is also charged with another assault in the center, which was reported Oct. 21 at the Pan Pacific Hotel.

In that case, he allegedly threatened to stab a stranger with a needle.

Kay remains in police custody.

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