Zoey’s Extraordinary Christmas Drops Festive Trailer

The first trailer for Zoey’s Extraordinary Christmas discovers that Zoey is struggling to find her holiday spirit, even though her friends are celebrating it through music.

Emmy-winning series Zoey’s extraordinary playlist will return with the upcoming film Zoey’s extraordinary Christmas. Throughout the series, Zoey was plagued by the ability to hear people’s innermost thoughts expressed through song. To make the song end, she had to help people confront their problems. Previous seasons have focused on relationship drama, grief and loss as sources of these heart songs. The film continues where the second season left off, but this time the crew confronts a new source of drama: the holiday season.

In a trailer for the upcoming film, Zoey’s family reveals their plans to spend the first Christmas after Zoey’s father dies. Zoey is taken by surprise by her family’s decision and is determined to celebrate the holiday that her late father would have wanted. After convincing her family to stay, Zoey promises to make it the most Mitch Christmas ever, only to discover how stressful that view can be.

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Zoey’s extraordinary Christmas is the first film in the series and also marks a return to the universe of Zoey’s extraordinary playlist after the series was officially canceled in June. After talks about giving the show a final season on Peacock fell through, Roku picked it up for a film deal. The previous two seasons are now also available for streaming on the Roku Channel, and there are rumors that the streaming service could order additional episodes to extend the two-season run if Zoey’s extraordinary Christmas do it well.

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Viewers got another glimpse of what Zoey’s extraordinary Christmas is waiting for a full clip of one of the songs from the upcoming movie. In the clip, Zoey and her friend Mo walk through a mall, while Zoey regrets not being in the Christmas mood. Mo then breaks into a heartfelt holiday song while trying to stem her superfluous joy, and Zoey is confronted with how tough her Christmas time will be. The trailer and cut off Zoey’s extraordinary Christmas promises series-standard great musical tracks along with its famous introspective look at the intersections of love and grief.

Zoey’s extraordinary Christmas stars Jane Levy, Mary Steenburgen, Skylar Astin, Alex Newell, John Clarence Stewart, Andrew Leeds, Alice Lee, Michael Thomas Grant and Kapil Talwalkar and also promises fan favorites Peter Gallagher and Bernadette Peters back.

Zoey’s extraordinary Christmas arrives on The Roku Channel on December 1st.

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