Ashley Graham has just rocketed a skin-tight, hot pink bodysuit as maternity clothes

Ashley Graham dressed to kill in a hot pink moment brought to you by the new SKIMS x Fendi collab.

On November 19, the model posted a series of photos showing her growing baby bulge in the skin-tight bodysuit, which she paired with a leather jacket and a dramatic coral lip. Graham, who is pregnant with twin boys, asked in the caption, “hot biker mom or matrix villain ??” Uh … what about both?

Although the exact bodysuit, which sells for $ 109, is sold out, some items from the partnership are still available. But beware, they go fast!

In July 2021, Ashley Graham revealed that she and her husband of 11 years, Justin Ervin, were expecting their second child together. The couple are already parents to one-year-old son Isaac.

Graham came up with the first post on Instagram and posted a picture reminiscent of Vogue photoshoot of Annie Leibovitz when Graham was pregnant with Isaac. Similarly, the model wore a white button that exposed her bump in a calm, natural environment. “The last year has been filled with little surprises, great sorrows, familiar beginnings and new stories,” she wrote under the caption. “I’m just starting to work out and celebrate what this next chapter means to us ❤️
📸 @mrjustinervin. ”

But in September, Graham said she is actually expecting twin boys. “Are you serious? We have to have three boys?” she said in the video when her husband added, “You’re kidding me!”

The model has graciously kept fans updated about her pregnancy through social media and dedicated a series of posts to her future baby boys. “Can’t wait to meet,” she subtitled a video of her belly moving as well as a close-up with her bump-stretch marks and all.

Graham has made a point of highlighting her stretch marks and love on them instead of photoshopping them away or trying to hide them. “There is always a question of what do you want us to retouch and what do you want us to take out? And I said, ‘Nothing’, except from a clamp that holds the do-it-yourself backdrop up, “she once explained in an interview with People regarding promotion for her swimsuit line. “I want everyone to know it sincerely … I want people to see who I am because everyone has a story.

“A lot of women I talk to have image issues, body issues around self-esteem,” Graham continued. “I want them to understand that we all have things that society has asked us to cover up, and why should we do that? So here I am with mine out and running and proud.”

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