Dalton on the warpath in Lyon

Les Dalton, a collective of Lyon rappers known for mocking the authorities with their urban rodeos in the city center, sparked revolt with their latest provocation on Thursday night: to interrupt a Europa League match between the Olympics and Sparta Prague.

“It smells of live, get connected,” the Instagram account @ daltons_69 announced Thursday afternoon, the main relay of the collective’s brilliance, which has already led to arrests and legal sanctions.

An hour later, two men wearing the striped costumes of the villainous bandits, which the good cowboy Lucky Lucke fights against in albums by the Belgian designer Morris, burst onto the Lawn at the Parc Olympics in the 39th minute of the game. whistle.

Positive emoticons greet the photos instantly posted to the @ daltons_69 account. The images become “Top Sports Trend” on Twitter, triggering cascades of messages of protest against the “return of scum” or “the arm of honor for our country’s justice”.

The two Dalton emulators were taken into custody after their arrest “in accordance with the procedure” and were to be presented to the prosecution in the afternoon, a police source told AFP.

The Olympics are subjecting themselves to sanctions from UEFA as a result of this action. In fact, this is not the first time the club has been designated due to lack of security at its stadium. The club filed a complaint “as after any incident”, told AFP Xavier Pierrot, deputy director of the Olympics.

For its part, the @ daltons_69 account actively reflects all media publications by welcoming the echo achieved. A photo taken at a game night with Tony Parker, basketball star who became head of the ASVL club, had already achieved some success last week.

“Sound of the beacons”

Thursday night’s incident follows a series of actions aimed at provoking “Lucky Luke”, a generic term used by the collective to designate the authorities.

On Wednesday, a 19-year-old was sentenced to eight months probation by the Lyon Criminal Court for an urban rodeo held on October 29 at Place Bellecour, in the heart of the city center, and posted live on Instagram. His sentence was accompanied by a conditional exclusion for a period of two years with a duty to work, a duty to follow a road safety course and a ban on riding a motorcycle.

Two of the rappers in the collective are behind bars: One is awaiting a preventive trial scheduled for the end of November for an action carried out on October 23, which resulted in about thirty arrests, their leader, Many-GT, 30, was convicted at. end of August to nine months in prison for his participation in rodeos organized for the filming of a clip of the group.

In their rap clips, with acrobatics on motorcycles and exhibiting weapons, Dalton always triumphs over Lucky Luke.

“We have no intention of stopping at all, because if we stopped now, it would prove that they were right. For us, the urban rodeos, there is nothing wrong. People certainly complain, but we’re just having fun,” he said. said one of the Daltons in a recent video interview with Lyon.mag, the information site for a monthly Lyonnais.

“We, the sound of the flashing lights, it makes us smile,” said this Dalton with his face hidden by a mask before ending his intervention with a “big kiss to the police, we’re having fun together.”

05/11/2021 13:30:01 – Lyon (AFP) – © 2021 AFP

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