Docklands Drone Show by Celestial

It is being called “Australia’s largest drone show ever”, with 350 drones flying through the sky for two seven-minute performances each night.

We’ve been ringing the new year in with fireworks for as long as we can remember, but this year’s celebration will feature a dazzling new component.

Just before 9.30pm and midnight fireworks over Victoria Harbor, 350 drones will swarm across the Docklands for a seven-minute drone show.

It will be delivered by the drone art company Celestial, which also worked on the 2020 New Year’s drone exhibition in Edinburgh and Amnesty International’s 60th anniversary. According to Mayor Sally Capp, it is “one of the first drone shows of this scale ever to take place in the southern hemisphere”.

Celestial CEO Tony Martin says the team is working on famous local talents to design and choreograph the drone show with the aim of conveying a “greener, healthier, happier future” after the past two years.

You can see them from a New Year’s party with a ticket to Docklands, which also includes family-friendly entertainment such as comedy and circus, dance workshops, live music, DJ sets, food trucks and a disco lighting installation. The City of Melbourne’s full New Year’s Eve program launches on November 25th.

After the New Year, the drone show will also run twice a night from January 3 to 30, 2022.

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