Montpellier: 15-year-old boy stabbed to death, 14-year-old killer surrenders to police

Security police at the scene Saturday night
Security police at the scene Saturday night (© JMA / Metropolitan)

15-year-old boy named Anis stabbed to death, Saturday evening, in the Près d’Arènes district, at Montpellier. The 14-year-old author was captured. Metropolitan evoked this drama Saturday night here.

It was 9.40 pm on Saturday when the emergency services and the national police were notifieda pedestrian had just been seriously injured with a stabbing weapon. The victim, hit by at least two stab wounds to the thorax, lay lifeless close by line 4 tram station by Garcia Llorca.

It was abouta 15-year-old teenager, based during the week in Béziers and who spends the weekend with his mother, in Montpellier. He died of his injuries overnight.

Head to head

The police officers in Hérault’s departmental security conduct a study for voluntary killing seized the video surveillance camera tapes from the city of Montpellier and TAM 3M. According to a source close to the investigation, the victim quickly approached a young person his age, we see them talking to each other, then the stranger suddenly takes out a knife and stabs him in the chest before running away.

With his parents

While the investigations were ongoing, the suspected killer presented himself Sunday afternoon at the central police station where he was taken prisoner. At the age of 14, named Yanis, he was accompanied by his parents who live in Villeneuve-lès-Maguelone and he handed the knife to the investigators, accusing himself of murdering the teenager from Béziers and delivering a motive that was described as futile.

Rival bands

According to a source close to the investigation, however, the suspected perpetrator of the fatal stab wounds was i.a.a rival gang, with a dispute to settle with another: one is from the city of Saint-Martin, the other from Villeneuve-lès-Maguelone. Was the victim dating one of the two groups of minors? And is this drama associated with a settlement based on traffic? The study will show that.

The suspected killer is in custody at the police station, while the autopsy of the young man from Béziers will be carried out earlier this week.

Boy without history

However, a close relative of the family assures this evening to the Metropolitan that the teenager was a boy with no history, leading a quiet life and never showing enmity. He spent all his weekends with his mother in the town of Saint-Martin, near the place where he was killed.

Alliance Police National responds

This Sunday night, association Police Police Nationale de l’Hérault responded, and quickly called for a reform of Executive Order 45-174 of 2 February 1945 on juvenile delinquency: “Today’s youth are not yesterday, we see it on a daily basis”. Since the increase in crimes and misdemeanors committed by minors, the reform of this outdated ordinance is regularly required by police associations and the judiciary.

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