My intensive care unit is full of unvaccinated people. My patience with them is running out. – Hot air

But the story is different in our intensive care unit. Here, the patient population consists of a few vulnerable people with serious underlying health problems and a majority of healthy, fit, younger, unvaccinated of their choice. When I see the mix of patients coming in with Covid, it feels to me that almost no one has been vaccinated today; This is, of course, because the people who have been vaccinated get on with their lives at home. If everyone were vaccinated, the hospitals would be under much less pressure; this is out of the question. Your waiting time for your clinic appointment / surgery / diagnostic test / A&E department would be shorter. Your ambulance would arrive earlier. Reports on the pressure on the NHS are not exaggerated, I promise you.

In addition, we have recently rolled out a new drug for patients without antibodies to Covid. It costs around £ 2,000 a treatment and is subject to a rigorous and time-consuming approval process for each case we process. Guess which patients do not have these antibodies (spoiler: they are not the ones who have been vaccinated).

Most of the resources we devote to Covid in the hospital are now being spent on the unvaccinated.

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