Near Lyon. The only skate museum in France is in … Grigny!

The only skate museum in France, The DiSturb HouSe museum, is based in Grigny (Rhône).
The only skate museum in France, The DiSturb HouSe museum, is based in Grigny (Rhône). (© Dimitri Jourdan)

Skateboard enthusiasts, this museum is for you! The only museum dedicated to skateboarding is next door Lyon (Rhône). In Grigny, to be exact.

Dimitri Jourdan, 36, put it together from scratch at home. More than 150m², a little more than 100 while waiting for the end of work, dedicated to the board.

This skate enthusiast gives his personal collection. ” I have collected a lot of coins in 15 years. I thought it was a shame to keep everything to myself, so I decided to open it to the public, ”he says.

600 skates and extremely rare archives

On a complete floor you can admire 600 skates. “Some are hand-painted, they are works of art on board”, but also the development of wheels, archives of rare magazines, videos, old shoes or skate clothes … “Everything that is about skateboarding”, sums up Dimitri Jourdan.

The museum is accessible to everyone: enthusiasts as well as simple curious. “In the beginning, it was very stressful to receive people who did not know about it. When you have an enthusiast in front of you, or a collector like me who has had a lot, it’s easy. But beginners, it stressed me out a lot. In the end, I only got very good feedback »Enthusiasm enthusiast.

Some of these boards are real works of art.
Some of these boards are real works of art. (© Dimitri Jourdan)

He assures him, ” It’s super educational. Since it is a guided tour, I explain everything. We talk about the history behind the creation of skateboarding, the development of practice, the different types of skateboards, how they are built …

During the holidays, the collector received day camps, associations … “It went really well”, he rejoices.

You will also be able to admire unique boards, signed by amazing skateboarders like Tony Hawk, Rodney Mullen or Steve Caballero. There’s even a board that appears in the Tony Hawk video game!

At the same time, Dimitri Jourdan opened a shop, a “skate shop”. Another project, still at home: the creation of a skate park. “It’s underway, we hope to be able to open it in the summer of 2022, but we can not give an exact date. We are working on it.”

Price: 8 euros, free for children under 10 years. To get there, take the TER to Grigny and walk 10 minutes, or take the bus TCL 78. Address: 144 Avenue de la Colombe.

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