The New York Theater Festival presents 90 In 90 from this month

The New York Theater Festival presents 90 In 90 from this month

The New York Theater Festival presents ’90 in 90 ‘: a new play about recovery and what you will find on the way back to yourself. Monday 29/11, Friday 3/12 & Sunday 12/5 at the Teatro Latea, in the Lower East Side.

This marks the playwright’s debut of actor / writer JD Scalzo known for jaded, a well-received original LGBTQ-themed web series from 2018 available at Revry and the world premiere of warplay at the New Conservatory Theater Center. He has twice been nominated for SFBATCC and has appeared in films such as Devil’s Path and The Broken Rose (Amazon Prime) and most recently in Law & Order: Organized Crime.

The ensemble of five actors consists of New York City talents who finally get the chance to return to the stage while the theater surely reopens around the city: Preston Mulligan (Drunk Shakespeare), Tom McVey (exhausted, Diaspora, Awesome 80s Prom) , Lissa Bak, Darlene Elizabeth Joiner and Robert Fuller.

The female-driven production team is led and directed by the multi-tiered young talent center Ellie Handel and assisted by Nicole Gentile. Victory Hester designs the soundscape and the technical team continues to grow.

’90s in 90s’ explores recovery from substance abuse and offers an insider perspective as you switch in and out of reality. It focuses on the strength of connection and the development of relationships – new, old and with yourself. Based on real events, the play has deliberately protected the anonymity of who and what inspired it and is intended as a dramatization from the unique perspective of a person’s journey through sobriety. It wants to use the power of the theater to give hope and a voice to all who may struggle.

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