Tony Leonard reviews Sherlock Holmes Tavern, CBD

Sherlock Holmes Tavern

Where? 415 Collins Street, Melbourne
When? November 12, 2021

9629 1146


Sherlock Holmes Tavern is a true stayer in the CBD and rightly enjoys a tremendous loyalty from the clientele and a reputation as one of the best watering holes in the city.

Run by the Kirwan family for a decade and more, it works so smoothly from the moment you walk downstairs (its newer siblings at street level Dr. Watsons ticks nicely over) and you know you’ve made the right choice before any order .

Beautiful 5- or 6-sided small bar is the epicenter, with little coziness to cuddle up and meet friends. The long rectangular shape is dotted with tables against the wall, with a small kitchen to the right beyond the bar.

Exposed bricks and timber, some wall a hanger on the wall and basically from the start, take a constant stream of patrons block. Woman friendly for sure.

The menu is expansive, punctual and reasonably priced. The same is the wine, which is listed on 2 boards, a commitment to various lesser known brands at very reasonable prices.

Everything works so smoothly here and nothing is a problem. Excellent compliance with the COVID requirements and great love for Sherlock, which opens at. 16 every Saturday (that part of Collins is much quieter, so transient trade is not that voluminous), and it also presents the EPL Premier League every Saturday night. The Trivia evening on Tuesday has been settled with great success for full houses.

In short, Sherlock Holmes is a fine example of a city pub.


The menu obviously pays more than a temporary nod to its origins, e.g. The first Clue, Baker St Regulars, Dr. Watson’s favorites, etc. How Sir Arthur Conan Doyle got the salad lists is anyone’s guess!

From Buffalo wings (6 / $ 12), of course, a secret sauce, to Bangers and Mash, onion jam, gravy, peas, $ 25.50 to Spotted Dick, vanilla cream, vanilla ice cream $ 12.20. You understand the idea.

Beer covers the locals, well served but supported by a number of Brits such as Tetleys, Hobgoblin, Fullers London Pride. From Ireland, it’s O’hara Ruby Red Ale (like angels crying on your tongue).

Wine is reasonably priced and you will score a decent glass for $ 10/45 / btle. Katook’s Founder’s Block Cab Sav came in at a very reasonable $ 9.5 / glass.

The average prices are;

  • Starters – $ 11
  • Main courses – $ 25
  • Dessert – $ 12

Tried were;

  • Chicken satay sticks 3 / $ 9. As expected, nice charry grill, moist thigh meat. The peanut sauce was a little watery and just lacked punch.
  • Porterhouse Steak, 250, MR, C @ S or mash and greens. $ 34. Really good piece of meat, thick cut, perfect MRI as ordered, so glad that the order could be varied to allow for Mash and Salad. (sometimes this causes a problem). Mushroom sauce thick and delicious. Excellent pub main.
  • Veal schnitzel, coleslaw, chips, sauces. $ 24.50. Veal was tasty, well portioned with herb crust with a rack of hot chips and thick sauce. The small failure was the coleslaw, which in my opinion has become too dry and stringy. (Over chilled?). Good right though.


Signs of life in the CBD were evident on this chilly Thursday night recently, where a good crowd inside the Sherlock enjoyed each other’s company on the (traditional) payday. Best of all, the parcels on the walkway were used to have a drink, chat and observe the passing parade in our wonderful city.

There is something comforting and reassuring about this long-term resident of the city. Despite the trends from the late 80s / early 90s to Go Underground (thanks Paul), this fashion quickly went over, but for those who kept the course, they still enjoy a continued popularity. (The nearby Charles Dickens Tavern is one such).

Sherlock Holmes Tavern is well run, communal and does what all pubs should offer and it is a place of comfort. Here they make all facets of hospitality effortless.

Score: 14/20

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