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Uber Canada and Greenlots have teamed up to encourage more Uber drivers to drive electric with a pilot project that will see three new EV charging stations in Vancouver. They will be located in downtown Vancouver, at the Metropolis in Burnaby and in an as yet unconfirmed location. All three stations will open in January 2022 and will offer discounted charging rates to Uber drivers to make public charging more affordable than charging at home.

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Vancouver has one of the largest all-electric fleets in North America, according to Uber Canada, so the west coast city was the logical location for this pilot project. The company expects to roll out similar charging networks in other cities with high adoption of electric cars across the continent.

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“We know the impact that the Uber platform can have on lowering emissions, affecting EV adoption and expanding the EV charging infrastructure – and the time to act is now,” Uber Canada General Manager Matthew Price said in a press release announcing the plan. “This pilot project is a major milestone in Uber’s transition to a zero-emission platform, and we are honored to contribute to progress in Vancouver with Greenlots as our partner.”

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Greenlots is a global leader in electric car charging solutions and a member of the Shell group, which will soon become Shell Recharge Solutions in 2022. This is Uber’s first partnership in North America designed to increase access to electric chargers exclusively for drivers and delivery people at Uber in public areas.

This pilot project is the latest step in Uber’s transition to becoming a zero-emission mobility platform by 2040. Earlier this year, Uber rolled out Uber Green, Uber’s low-emission driving capability, to 16 cities in Canada. Drivers who use an electric car receive an incentive of $ 1 in incremental earnings for each ride made on the platform.

Uber also launched Uber + Transit earlier this month in Ontario, which offers users routes that combine local transit with an Uber ride. Uber also offers various resources for drivers and delivery people who want to switch to an EV, including the EV Calculator, which helps inform drivers about cost of ownership, subsidies, and local benefits when switching to an EV.


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