500 additional seats released in Lyon and Villeurbanne

The Rhône prefecture on Wednesday morning unveiled its plan to fight homelessness in the coming weeks.

For winter, 500 extra places will be released. Most of these sites will be set up in collective structures to promote support for the beneficiaries and work towards their integration. They will strengthen the existing system in stages, especially in the cities of Lyon and Villeurbanne. Thus, 150 seats will be open at the end of November, 285 at the beginning of December and 455 at the middle of December, then 500 at the beginning of 2022. “To do this, the housing policy pursued by the state in the Rhône and Lyon metropolitan areas will mobilize significant financial resources of more than 78 million euros by 2021.“, specifies the prefecture of Rhône.
Up to 160 seats in the gym will also be available on the instructions of the prefect in case of activation of the Extreme Cold Plan.

A total of 7,897 emergency shelters are permanently available in the Rhône.



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