Asus manages to bring Android 11 to ROG Phone 2 … only a whole year late

And that’s just Taiwan

The name of the game with Android OS updates, as it always seems to be, is triage. How fast you get that version bump depends primarily on whether the manufacturer of your phone is called “Google”. So it should come as no surprise that Asus is only now bringing Android 11 to the ROG Phone 2.

XDA-Developers notes that the company launched a closed beta for the new software in late September and has only officially notified users in its Chinese-language forums.

Software version 18.0210.2111.160 started rolling like an OTA yesterday and should reach all ROG Phone 2 owners in a week. In addition to many of Android 11’s built-in features, Asus has also brought more unique changes such as being able to keep Bluetooth on while in flight mode, renewing the download logic of the system update and providing a new coat of paint for proprietary apps such as. Armory Crate gaming hub.

ROG Phone 2, which is a little over 2 years old and starts up with Android 9 Pie, receives Android 11, while Android 12 spreads to many devices. It is also worth mentioning that the company has not mentioned anything about this update to its English ZenTalk forums. That said, you can install what has been dubbed “Taiwan only” firmware as hosted through XDA.

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