Bridgewood Factory fire: Firefighters’ problem update on the huge Hessle inferno

All staff at a plastic factory in West Hull are responsible and safe after a huge fire, the Humberside Fire and Rescue Service has confirmed tonight.

Firefighters remain at the scene of the fire – believed to be the Bridgewood Factory site in Saxon Way, Hessle, after the fire – which broke out around 4pm on Wednesday.

Residents living nearby were evacuated from their homes when explosions were heard all over the city and thick dark clouds of smoke dominated Hull’s sky.

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Phil Leake of Humberside Fire and Rescue said “We would like to thank members of the public for their patience.

“We got the call that a plastic factory in Saxon Way, Hessle was on fire around 4pm on Wednesday.

“We currently have 14 fire trucks down at the site, where I can confirm that fortunately there was no personal injury.

“This was due to the work of the fire department in the past in bringing everyone to safety.”

14 fire trucks were present at the Hessle fire on Wednesday night, and fortunately no one was injured in the frightening fire.
14 fire trucks were present at the Hessle fire on Wednesday night, and fortunately no one was injured in the frightening fire.

“We are currently trying to secure the fire and will be working all night to get families back in their homes.

“We do not yet know how the fire started, but we will investigate further.”

Some residents of Buttfield Road, which has now been closed off by Humberside Police, are seeking shelter in churches and local pubs.

The fire department said their goal now is to get people back to their homes.

A resident shared a scary picture of their home surrounded by flames earlier in the evening
Residents shared frightening photos of their homes surrounded by flames earlier in the evening

The fire service cooperates with the Danish Environmental Protection Agency to contain water and the smoke particles.

Residents have been asked to keep their windows and doors closed if possible.

Hundreds of residents took to social media and shared photos of the huge cloud of smoke and glowing orange flames that appeared behind their homes.

Motorists traveling on the A63 and near the Humber Bridge saw the huge inferno pass them.

Some heard “loud bangs” and “big explosions every 10 seconds,” leaving them shaking at the “horrible” experience.

Drone footage captured by Hull Fire by Ryan Walker

A man living on Hawthorn Avenue, between Hessle Road and Anlaby Road, said he could hear the explosions “like bombs” coming from the fire and even having dirt like “coal” land in his yard.

Some residents in a number of areas across the city were also left without power and discolored tap water in their homes.

Drivers traveling home from work were stuck in traffic after the A63 was hit by the fire.

A truck was seen on the side in the middle of the road, causing major delays until around 7pm. Bus service was also interrupted.

Police closed Priory Way in Hessle, and a number of pubs and shops in Hessle Square had to close as the smoke crept closer.

Humberside Fire and Rescue Service will continue to work around the clock throughout the night.

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Smoke thickening near Humber Bridge


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