Capcom teases ‘future of Street Fighter’ news for 2022

Capcom will share more information about the future of Street Fighter in 2022, Street Fighter V director Takayuki Nakayama and producer Shuhei Matsumoto teased towards the end of the day Street Fighter V Fall Update, which focused on the game’s latest downloadable content character Luke.

“For us, Street Fighter V has been a project with peaks and valleys, but thanks to our fans we have been able to achieve what we aimed for, ”said Nakayama. “We, the development team, will use this experience as a springboard to move on to the next project!”

Matsumoto added: “While this is the end of this digital exhibition series for Street Fighter V, this is more of a ‘see you soon’ rather than a ‘goodbye’. We look forward to giving you more information next year! “

Earlier in the program, Matsumoto said: “Luke is an important character who will be featured in the next one Street Fighter project, so we hope you try him when he’s released Street Fighter V! “

Capcom ended the fall update with the following text: “We return with more news about the future of Street Fighter. “

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition is available now for PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam.

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