David Attenborough’s first life documentary is available on Oculus TV now

Another David Attenborough documentary, First Life, is coming to Oculus TV, focusing on the origins of life on Earth.

It was only a few days ago that we found out that David Attenborough’s 3D documentary Kingdom of Plants was on its way to Oculus TV, and another documentary is now also available. First Life was first released in 2010 and has now been rethought to VR over a decade later, co-produced by Meta and Alchemy Immersive with Zoo VFX and 1,618 Digital.

first life

The documentary runs for just over 11 minutes and will explore the very beginnings of life on our planet, featuring a variety of creatures such as Opabinai, Anomalocaris and Hallucigenia. Here is an excerpt from Alchemy Immersive on what to expect:

Take David Attenborough on an epic journey 350 billion years back in time to experience the origin of life on Earth. Using world-leading paleontological research and breakthroughs in CGI technologies, experience for the first time the story of how life evolved from single-celled organisms to the ferocious predators that haunted the ocean floor.

Alchemy Immersive also brought the aforementioned Kingdom of Plants documentary to life in VR, but it was a little different from First Life – whereas the former was filmed in 3D, the latter was not.

Nevertheless, First Life will present on Oculus TV in stereoscopic 8K 60fps video, now available on Quest headsets. Headphones are also recommended as the experience uses spatial sound.

You can start the experience by visiting this link on desktop or mobile, which allows you to queue the experience in VR or bookmark it for later.

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