Foot PSG – PSG: Zidane in Paris, not to a Marseillais

PSG: Zidane in Paris, not to a Marseillais

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In recent days, rumors have intensified about a possible arrival of Zinedine Zidane to PSG in place of Mauricio Pochettino.

Will Mauricio Pochettino end the season at Paris Saint-Germain? It’s hard to say given the rumors of recent days. And with good reason, the Argentine coach has been announced as a priority for Manchester United, while Zinedine Zidane is at the same time strongly associated with Paris Saint-Germain. The rumor “Zizou” took so much more, which according to Fred Hermel is a signing of the former coach of Real Madrid at PSG. “Not impossible”. But according to Jérôme Rothen, the whole thing is a very bad idea. In his show at RMC, the consultant took everyone on the wrong leg by campaigning against Zinedine Zidanes coming to Paris. Jérôme Rothen simply believes that it would make no sense in relation to the Parisian supporters. Explanations …

“I do not want to see Zinedine Zidane get on the bench at PSG” Jerome Rothen brutally confides in himself before justifying himself. “You have to remember that the French championship took on a different scale thanks to certain club rivalries. PSG against Marseille is the biggest rivalry. I think that when you belong to one of the two, it’s hard to fully understand. in the other club.I would not have seen Luis Fernandez coach Olympique de Marseille.The players are criticized for not identifying enough with the club.How do you expect Zinedine Zidane to be able to convey this to the players, knowing that he can not put himself “How will Zidane be able to represent PSG to his supporters? It is almost impossible.” regrets Jérôme Rothen, who clarifies that he “much respect” for the coach that Zinedine Zidane has stayed at Real Madrid with especially three victories in the Champions League, but that he simply does not consider it compatible with Paris Saint-Germain as a native of Marseille.

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