Hannah Brown writes about Tyler Cameron dating Gigi Hadid

While nothing can ever be as messy as the end of Peter Webers Bachelor season, Hannah Brown also had some drama after the show thanks to breaking up with Jed Wyatt and then briefly reviving her relationship with Tyler Cameron before moving on with supermodel Gigi Hadid.

If you have literally forgotten all about this !!! timeline, here is a brief reminder:

July 30, 2019

Hannah asks Tyler out during the live ceremony “After the Final Rose”, and he says yes:

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August 1, 2019

Tyler and Hannah are going on a date and he is seen leaving her house the next morning.

August 4, 2019

Tyler is seen with Gigi Hadid.

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So how did Hannah feel about all this? She opened up to find out that Tyler and Gigi were dating in her new memoir God bless this mess, and said they had texted non-stop, but then Tyler said he wanted to see other people.

“Tyler met a supermodel after taking the phone with me. This was not a TV show. This was not a game, ”she wrote via Entertainment Tonight. “My time with Tyler in my apartment was not a meaningless hookup, as it was portrayed in the press. My heart was at stake. And he broke it. With a supermodel.”

She added: “What’s crazy is that I loved Gigi Hadid! I thought she was the coolest. I still do. I understand that. I would even go on a date with her. I want to be her friend! But I never expected to be in a love triangle with her. “

Apparently, Tyler tried to apologize over the phone, but she did not, and they “pretty much hung up with each other.”

Tyler and Hannah eventually got the connection back under quarantine (and a good while after his separation from Gigi), but lost touch. Per Hannah, “His last poetic words to me were, ‘Well, if you rock with me, then you rock with me. If you do not, you do not.’ I wish I had figured it out. “


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