Internet troll jailed after harassing Danniella Westbrook and her fan online

An online troll who plagued a woman with up to 80 violent messages every day for nine months has been jailed.

Natasha Dawn from Nottinghamshire the woman charged on Twitter and Instagram after a fight over the famous actress Danniella Westbrook.

Dawn had trolled the celebrity when the woman stepped in and defended Westbrook.

She then launched an abuse campaign, including false accusations of child abuse, insulting the woman’s dead mother and accusing her of lying about a cancer diagnosis.

The victim told police that she blocked Dawn’s accounts on social media, but that she then created new accounts under different names to post more abuse.

Mrs. Dawn had also trolled the celebrity Danniella Westbrook (pictured) Credit: ON

She told police Dawn had sent her 20-80 offensive tweets and messages most days for nine months.

Investigations also showed that Dawn had sent insulting messages to a number of other people on social media.

Dawn from Stapleford was jailed for three years at Nottingham Crown Court after pleading guilty to three counts of prosecution.

Detective Lee Kirk of Nottinghamshire Police said: “Dawn’s behavior throughout this period was really shocking and I’m glad she’s now been brought to justice.

“Our investigations showed that she had abused a number of people on social media, and I hope this verdict gives her victims some degree of comfort.

“Pursuing behaviors such as harassment should not be tolerated by anyone at any time.”

Nottinghamshire Police were recently praised by the government for its work in preventing stalking.

In a letter to Chief Constable Craig Guildford, Rachel Maclean MP, MP under the Secretary of State for Protection, praised the force’s effective use of new stalking prevention orders to protect the victims.

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